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by simply dragging any object to exactly where you want it to be

The most common device used to view websites today are mobile, and primarily smart-phones, and that accounts for approximately 98% of a website traffic. These users prefer to simply scroll vertically with just a thumb to quickly get to the content they seek, all because of social media platforms.

mobile phone scrolling

Single Page Websites Makes The Sale 82% Of The Time


The Single Page format, (AKA OnePage), is not new. It was the common method used for the early websites back in 1991, and continued into 2000, mostly because it was all that was needed before the blogger craze took hold.


Most website owners don’t write articles often or ever, and the site consists of just 3 pages that could all be consolidated into a single power performance page which loads quickly and delivers exactly what the viewer needs.


Yes you can still create unlimited pages if desired. The single page format is just to help you maximize sales.

Visual Composition By Drag And Drop

Someone once said “it’s so easy, a cavemen could do it”, and that’s what this page design and formatting tool will do for you.


Simply grab and drag any function you desire and modify everything about it.


Templates Galore

It gets even easier when you choose from any of the hundreds of free templates then reformat and design as desired.


Unlimited Functionality

There are all the elements you need to deliver vibrant and robust content. Quickly setup a T-Shirt for sale just by drag and drop a product element anywhere. Alert visitors of the coming deadline for an event by drag and drop the countdown element. All the function elements are easily styled by simply point and click.

Video player
Audio player
Image gallery
Shopping cart
Countdown timer
Custom form builder

Here is a quick view showing the simplicity of rolling your own

Website Features

Fast loading

Fast Loading

No direct database connections so there is no constant password checking, server lags, database timeout and no endless queries, therefore client side data requests are delivered quickly and efficiently.

easy use drag and drop

Easy to Use

It’s really as easy as A-B-C and Doh-Ray-Me! Just point and click and drag and drop to layout the pages as desired. Upload all the images you need to make the visual appeal very intriguing.

free templates

Many Free Templates

Over 30 professionally designed templates to use at will. Easily change with a simple point and click. All are screen width responsive.

device friendly responsive

Supports All Devices

Every device will display all the media functions included.

unlimited functions

Limitless Functionality

  • Audio Player
    Stream any remote internet radio. Play single audio or create playlists
  • Video Player
    Plays from any online video source. Play single video or create playlists.
  • Mini PayPal SHopping Cart
    Sell anything quickly
  • Client Testimonials Slide Portfolio
    Show a list of satisfied clients and what they said.
  • Photo Gallery
    Display a gallery of images that will market your wares effectively
  • Slide Show For Anything
    Create dramatic slide shows that will display any media type.
  • Custom Forms
    Easily create any custom form to collect data for various marketing purposes.
  • Quick Polls
    Easily create polls to survey visitors
  • Donation Module
    Easily create donation modules that display and behave similar to GoFund. Connect to PayPal, WePay and Payoneer to handle transactions.
  • Advertising Banner Rotation Manager
    Display ads and collect impressions and click data to determine performance.
  • Interactive Maps
    Easily add Google maps just by entering an address.
  • Social Media Sharing
    Include methods to share the site across many social networks.

Hosting Features

Everything you'll need is included to help you be successful online.

Free SSL Security

Encrypt data sent by forms and keep your visitors secure

Free Email Account

Create an email that uses your domain

Free Templates

Professionally formatted templates available to make you look good.

Unlimited Pages

Create many pages with key words to attract search bots and be listed early.

Shopping Cart

Sell everything from tangibles to downloadables and earn.

Free Support

Get assistance with every aspect of your website.

About Us

MaaX.Site is a subsidiary of WebsiteDons.com which has long provided excellent web hosting services, website design, software development, marketing, website and social media management.


This Saas format was developed over 2 years with the idea of simplifying website management for clients who have never made use of the very complex content management systems, just because they only wanted to say a few words and quickly close sales. Nothing technical to update and no worries about programming errors.

Get Answers

If you have questions about the very affordable service offered, please contact us by email or phone.

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Quickly and easily create any website style you can imagine

The drag and drop page builder is loaded with all the display elements to create any thing you can imagine, and any user functions you need.