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Maax 45
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Website hosting plus complete website

Uses your registered domain as the website address eg:


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Apps are not beneficial for your internet radio

If you build it, they will not come!

Don't fall into the fad just to get that ego boost as you brag to friends that you have an app. There is only cost to you and no gains.

To create a phone app to serve your internet radio station is quite likely a waste of time and money (if it costs). Like any product, you will need to market that application with various promotions that will cost money, and convincingly get the public to install yet another storage consuming ware, which does nothing beneficial for them. If you check the app store of Apple or Android and view the installation numbers for radio wares of small time internet radio stations, you'll see how low they are, and the users tend to be the owners of the site and their 5 buddies.

If you think logically about it, there are well over 2 million internet radio websites, and many have been tricked into getting an app. If a user has a TuneIn or other popular app where your station is listed, why would they even consider getting your own?!

No one needs yet another app to listen to your internet radio broadcast and lose another 40 - 100 MB of their phones storage, when they can simply visit your website and tap the play icon.

Just point traffic to your website only, which is your place of business, by placing your site's URL around social media, crowd posting sites and standard directory listing websites where you only post URL, name and description. Never list at any streaming directory because they just use your aural content for their benefit of selling advertising.

Ready To Get Your Website?

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The next step is simply to login and insert any on the hundreds of free professionally designed templates and edit to suit your desire.

  • Free Templates
  • Free SSL
  • Shopping Cart
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  • Audio Player
  • Video Player
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